Don’t Worry, Bee Healthy!

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Health Benefits of Our Natural Products

Raw Honey = Unheated Honey 

Honey is antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal and antibacterial - plus it’s shelf stable! Ingesting the pollen in raw honey that’s gathered from your local region helps your system become less reactive to allergens!

Raw Honey is a Powerful Immune System Booster:

  • Beneficial to choose unheated, unfiltered raw honey, to ensure that the healthy enzymes remain intact
  • Contains 18 vitamins, 27 minerals, 22 amino acids and 5,000 live enzymes Keeps you healthy by fighting disease and boosting the digestive system
  • One daily spoonful in your tea or coffee, spread on your toast, drizzled over your fruit or mixed into your yogurt, smoothie or oatmeal is all that you need to reap these benefits

Natural Alternative to Processed Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners:

  • Unheated honey is filled with healthy enzymes.
  • Raw honey is a medical marvel, as well as a culinary delight.
  • Our honey has been carefully extracted from the honeycomb using centrifugal force.
  • Raw honey can be beneficial when trying to lose weight or improve your fitness level.
  • Honey helps metabolize cholesterol and fatty acids.
  • Honey may help promote healing, reduce swelling and help prevent infections.
  • Honey’s natural antibiotic and antibacterial properties help inhibit bacterial growth.
  • Unlike refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, honey is all natural and contains vitamins and minerals.

Coconut Oil

Our certified organic coconut oil is cold-pressed and never heated.

Cold-pressed, raw extra-virgin coconut oil has amazing health benefits!

  • Has no negative effects on serum cholesterol.
  • Can actually help protect you from heart disease.
  • Aids in digestion and helps to improve the immune system.

Variety of beneficial uses:

  • Cook with it! Add it to your stir fry, baking, broiling and grilling recipes.
  • Bake with it! Use it in recipes calling for oil, shortening or butter.
  • Great for greasing pans and seasoning baking stones, cast iron pans and cutting boards.

It’s an extremely soothing and gentle moisturizer.

Use it after a shower, as a facial moisturizer, before applying makeup and before bed.

It’s gentle on the delicate skin around your eyes and it moisturizes dry lip.

Does a great job of removing makeup. Rub it into your nails and cuticles too.

Use as a hair conditioner. Massage a small amount into wet hair. Comb through and style as usual.

As a weekly treatment, massage through dry hair, leave in as long as possible and then shampoo it out.

Coconut oil also helps with weight loss by providing a feeling of fullness when taken before a meal.

It also boosts your metabolism.

Blend some coconut oil into your morning smoothie for a caffeine-free energy boost!

Specialty Teas and Herbal Blends 

  • Specialty teas and herbal blends to enhance your healthy lifestyle!
  • Designer tins contain 10 pyramid shaped sachets to allow tea to flow freely while brewing. Each sachet brews 2 cups of tea.
  • Garden Therapy with Holy Basil, Australian Lemon Myrtle, Hibiscus, Raspberry, Chai with cinnamon and ginger, Asian Cherry with Rose Petals

Switzle Apple Cider Vinegar Thirst Quencher

  • All natural, delicious way to start your morning with a few ounces of apple cider vinegar to hydrate your body upon waking up.
  • Contains a natural blend of organic apple cider vinegar, organic ginger, organic hibiscus, organic strawberry, organic lemon and our all natural honey.

Statements made by Don’t Worry, Bee Healthy! have not been evaluated by the FDA. These suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are from personal opinions and reported claims and are for general information purposes only.

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